Dr. April L. Harris

Dr. April L. Harris is a board-certified Osteopathic Physician with additional certification in Medical Acupuncture. For over 30 years it has been her honor and privilege to provide outstanding care to patients in her community within the primary care, hospital, and urgent care settings.

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Galen Acupuncture and Osteopathic Medicine has been helping people with mild to chronic pain for many years. We appreciate the reviews and testimonials and hope we can help you with your wellness soon. Feel free to leave a review on our Google Business Profile.

Krissane S.

Dr. Harris is an very knowledgeable and caring physician who is versed in western and eastern medicine. If you are looking for alternatives to drugs this is the place to go. She performed acupuncture on my shoulder and my leg. I felt so much better after my treatments. Give her a try, I promise you won’t regret it.

Jane G.

I have been under the care of Dr. April Harris for approximately five years. In addition to regular medical exams and consults, I have received from her regular acupuncture treatments--mostly for general health concerns--but, more recently, for sciatic nerve pain--this after all other treatments and therapies (elsewhere) failed. After just one of Dr. Harris's treatments, the extreme pain I suffered for several months vanished and has not returned. I am so grateful to Dr. Harris for her wisdom, her professionalism, and her compassion. She is one in a million!

Helen S.

Dr. Harris perfectly combines a warm welcoming presence with her professional skills ... making an acupuncture appointment both a relaxing and a healing experience. Her assessment and treatment really get to the heart of my health concerns and I walk away feeling heard and helped.

Jade B.

Dr. Harris is amazing! She is treating me for trauma and anxiety thru acupuncture. She makes you feel very comfortable and her office atmosphere is very peaceful and relaxing. She's also very educated and knowledgeable and walks you thru everything while she's doing it, and you can tell she's extremely passionate about what she does! She knows her stuff! Great experience every-time.

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