Constitutional Facial Acupuncture: What Is It?

Woman getting professional facial massage, top view, copy space

Constitutional facial acupuncture, also known as “constitutional facial rejuvenation,” is a method of moderating the effects of aging through Chinese medicine. The intention is to soften lines, tone your skin, and revitalize your face. When the face is treated with acupuncture, the body interprets the insertion of the very fine needle as a “positive” injury which may then stimulate collagen and elastin production. Dr. April Harris has extensive knowledge and can save you from going the cosmetic surgery route by trying constitutional facial acupuncture instead!

Constitutional facial acupuncture offers a healthy alternative to cosmetic surgery, fillers, and Botox injections. Collagen is the primary component of the body’s connective tissue; this gives your skin strength. Elastin a highly elastic protein in connective tissue that allows many tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching and pinching. Both are super important when dealing with the face especially. Nurturing the health of the facial tissues, the results are improved integrity of the skin and facial muscles. A typical treatment course involves 12-20 weekly sessions lasting 90 minutes each. The initial series is then followed by a maintenance schedule of once monthly treatments.

As the face reflects the overall health of your body, your constitution is treated as well as your face during each facial acupuncture session. The term “constitution” is used to describe your current health status and susceptibility to illness. Constitutional facial acupuncture is deeply relaxing and is designed to treat both skin and underlying constitutional health to improve the appearance of the face as well as the body’s overall function. The channels running through your body also extend to your head and face, thus points are selected on your arms and legs which will support the goals of treatment. There are four common constitutional types; cold, heat, deficiency, and stagnation. Techniques such as body gua sha, cupping, ear seeds, or moxibustion selected according to your constitution. The goal is to energize the body from the inside out.

What does constitutional facial acupuncture treat? Once the body is energized, constitutional facial acupuncture is done to improve some of the common skin concerns such as:

  • Fine wrinkles – these wrinkles form due to lack of moisture, an accumulation of dead cells, and a decrease in collagen and elastin fibers. To treat, needles will be inserted in the dermis to stimulate collagen production.
  • Dynamic wrinkles – this type of wrinkles is usually deeper and caused by the contraction of muscles that are attached to the skin. Common dynamic wrinkles include crows’ feet, laugh lines, and forehead lines. These will need the needle inserted deeper to reach the muscle layer to loosen tension of the muscles.
  • Hyperpigmentation – caused by the increased melanin concentration in basal keratinocytes and chronic inflammation in the epidermis layer of the skin, acupuncture helps accelerate the qi and blood circulation to improve the clearance of melasma over time.


Dr. Harris received her training for constitutional facial acupuncture from internationally recognized Acupuncturist Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, a pioneer and premier advocate of “Ageless Aging.” She is proud to offer this service, as well as many others, at her practice Galen Acupuncture and Osteopathic Medicine in Lawrence, KS. Dr. Harris is also certified in Family Practice and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment with added qualifications in Geriatric Medicine. Contact her today at 785-393-1108 to schedule an appointment or visit her website to learn more!